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I have some great ideas to reduce the waste, you produce, and I will now share it with you.
Recycle. I know that the soft plastics can’t go in the recycle, but if you collect them, there are drop off points, where you can take them, like some supermarkets.
Compost. You think, there isn’t much I can put in compost, but I just found a great solution. Bokashi Bin. With this, you are able to compost even bread, meat, and dairy. These are those things we throw away most.
If you have any questions, I am happy to help.

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where am i?

Congratulation to Ann Benney who has won the picture guess in the last issue.

The good answer was “Treworgan Vean Farm”.

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Geoff presenting a Cheque for £503.75 donations from his 80th birthday party, to Cornwall Air Ambulance.
A big thank you to all, Geoff

St Erme Silver Circle members enjoying the Royal Cornwall show, being able to hire mobility scooters making it possible to get round the show, Jo Collins and Stella Eathorne enjoyed their outing.

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